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Popeyes is an American multinational chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants founded in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana and headquartered in Miami, Florida. Since 2008, its full brand name is Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., and it was formerly named Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits and Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits.

Mary shared her experience, "Horrible service every time I have gone to Popeyes. The food is not worth the money. You do not get what you pay for and it's always an inconvenience if you ask for condiments. They never seem to have any of the specials."


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Current Employee - Store Manager says

"Racist owners and need better management"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Always short staffed because underpaid"

Former Employee - Drive Thru Cashier says

"Bad pay And they don’t Care about the employees. Treating people like they don’t matter"

Former Employee - Medical Receptionist says

"Low pay And no raise"

Former Employee - Crew Member says

"paid minimum wage, they had favoritism and rude costumers"

Former Employee - Cashier/Food Handler says

"you have to stand a lot"

Former Employee - Sales Associate/Cashier says

"The salary was nothing. The environment was unprofessional."

Former Employee - Cashier/Lobby Hostess says

"Horrible Management, Lack of Communication, and Terrible Scheduling"

Former Employee - Shift Leader/Manager says

"this store location and company is full of drama, illegal activities and total violation of US Labor Laws"

Former Employee - Shift Supervisor says

"No work life balance. Low pay. Can be a hostile environment because of management. Gossiping."

Team Member/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"The one I worked at was extremely unsanitary. There were constant flies with occasional rats and moths. One of the managers would occasionally serve customers without gloves. A few of the employees didn't wear masks. Their frozen/chilled lemonade machines weren't cleaned in over a year and no one showed me how to do it.Free/discounted food at end of shift, free lunchEXTREMELY unsanitary"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"The Mgr would not do anything she was nasty as the Mgr came from McDonald’s one of the worst place i ever work they treat people garbage they don’t care about anything"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"I would never ever go there again to eat or to work food is never completely done everytime I go my order is incorrect and they act like it my fault no it's there's cause they are always goofing off taking laughing with each other or looking at there phone.NoneEverything"

Cashier/Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Pay is only 8.50 a hour. No raise. Always lying saying you will get a raise. Too much drama going on. Always fussing. Manger dont want to give raise. You do all the work. No team work at this place. 1506 mccoy road is the worst popeyes to work at. No proaLow pay"

Restoran müdürü (Former Employee) says

"Turkiye de en cok personel surkilasyonu olan gıda firmasi. Bunu kendileri bile dile getiriyor, kabul ediyorlar. Bu ergen gençler bilmiyorlar mi sizler ne haksizliklar yapiyorsunuz, yazili prosedürlerin operasyonda hice sayıldığını siz dâhil tum grup mudurleriniz, restoran müdürleri dahil hepsi biliyor. Daha banyo yapmaktan , dişini fircalamayi bile beceremeyen tipleri yalamalık ile asistan, restoran müdürü, bolge muduru yapıyorsunuz. kopeksiz koyde değneksiz gezdiniz. Yükünüzü aldiniz belki ama bundan sonra sıra sizin çöküşünüzde inşallah. Bu yazdıklarım tüm tab gida için geçerli. Gdo lu sağlıksız gıdalarınızi insanlar bilinclendi artik tercih etmemeye başladı. Döner de iyi cakildiniz, rezil olmanız, batıp kaybolmaniz dileğiyle. Evvelce nice gençlerin emeklerini sömürdunüz , onlara yaptiginiz haksızlık lar sonucu beddualar sizin sonunu, olacak inşallah. Beter olun. Coluk çocuğunuzda çıksın acısı. Operasyon da rezillik çeken lerin gecesi gündüzü belli degil, merkezdekiler bilgisayarla isler dönüyor sanıyor. En ufak konuda hemen maliyet derler,calisana mesai vermemek için 40 takla atan müdürler var. Ben kadroma mesailerini verdim , 8 saatten de fazla calistirmadim , cunki sizler sömürücusunuz. Sayenizde ınsanlarin, firmalarin nasıl insanları kullandigini kendim bizzat yuzlerce personelde gördüm. Canla basla , kendi dukkani gibi benimseyerek çalışanlar i bile biktirdiniz bela okutarak ayrıldılar. Yalaka , pis , hırsızlik yapan calisanlar yönetim kadrolarının zirvelerine oynuyordu . Bu zihniyetin olduğu yerde durmak zaten saçmalık. Dışarıdan burada canpervane çalışanlarıSurekli Sağlıksız fast food8 saat diye ise alırlar, aaa sen mudursun, müdür lugun saatimi olur deyip hadi bakalim 9 10 saat... daha bir cok sacmalik, mobbing of the king = tab gıda"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The Manager Worked Me 6 Days Week Promised Me If I if I continued to work hard I would eventually be a manager. Only to hire somebody else in my face.Broken PromisesNothing"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"It's a horrible job to have..They're very rude, nasty, unsanitary, abusive language, unprofessional and show favoritism.The manager is very rude and disrespectful to certain employees and customers. Its literally the worst job I EVER had..Free foodShort or no breaks at all, disrespectful, dirty"

Crew Member (Current Employee) says

"This company is horrible. They want you to work all the time and they dont give you anything in return. They had us working in the heat all summer and only now that its getting cooler they wanna fix the ac. The management is terrible as well as the customers ratchet as h3ll. I hate everything about this h3ll hole. Free chickenNo life no respect managers in your personal life and snitches all around"

Popeyes cook (Former Employee) says

"Popeyes is not a very good place to work at for a job. There management is horrible. Also there restaurants is very unorganized and very dirty. They have very bad reviews also."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"This company is not a good work place. Managers don’t do their job and smoke weed on the job. Yell at employees for no reason and make people unwanted and unsafe at work. This store should be shut down. The store on antelope drive in layton should not be a store that should be allowed to be open.NoneHorrible management, horrible pay, no way to get a raise"

Shift Leader/Manager (Former Employee) says

"General managers don’t know how to run store terrible attitude and abuses power. Fires employees just bc doesn’t like them couldn’t request time off forced ot even when sick they try to force you to come while threatening job. Higher ups are rude and veil don’t care about their employees or managers until they are about to quit. Promises raises that you’ll never receive and the person at the office to report to never answers the phone. I still haven’t received my W2. A jobForced longer breaks or some days none, schedule never posted, hours cut"

Cook/Crew Member (Current Employee) says

"I interviewed, got hired, signed payroll forms on the spot! along with a lot of other people! at the time I was thinking is there room for all of us to work here??? I never got scheduled never worked a day! I ran into one of the applicants on the streets he said same thing happened to him. Are they scamming for federal incentives??? Got hired!Never worked a day..."

Batter cook (Former Employee) says

"I worked in philadelhia ms at Popeyes can I say the mangers that work they suck from the store Gm to her boss ...They don't know there job so its hard for everyone else to do there's...NoneThey dont offer anything"

Popeyes crew member (Former Employee) says

"Popeyes is not enough to make a good living unless you're full time they don't have direct deposit no benefits and to many chiefs and not enough Indians in my book there cheap and no communication"

Shift Manager (Former Employee) says

"While the company itself may not be bad, this location is horrible. The managers aren’t trained in food safety, and that starts with the higher ups. You can’t expect your crew to follow the rules if your GM doesn’t. You are treated like garbage if you get sick and have to miss work. They threaten to take away vacation, requests off, etc. Employees are trained to be rude to guests. I have never witnessed such horrible customer service. I felt bad when I worked there. Favoritism is rampant. You get half off your meals and they offer insurance (but they won’t tell you that. you have to read the handbook yourself.) Pay is normal for fast food. DiscountsManagers, environment"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was hired as a General Manager. It was not at all what I expected. The owner cut corners and underpaid the entire staff!! When I brought up raises to a few employees I knew deserved it, he threatened to take my hours away. Which didn’t make sense since I was the GENERAL MANAGER. There were days when I clocked in at 8am and clocked out at 1am the next day! And he switched my hours to not pay me overtime! I wish someone had told me this but... Do NOT work there!!! NoneAcidic environment"

Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"never gave me hours, when i called to put in my two weeks after being a new hire and only working for 3 days in a total of 3 months they said i never even worked there and didn't pay me"

Popeyes crew member (Former Employee) says

"Non productive and total failure customers were rude co-workers were just as rude. Lack of respect. And trust in that building constant fist fights in the back.Rude co workers"

Team Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Only got a .10 cent raise and took a leadership position. They only wanted to give 20 hrs a week when hired told 40 hrs was promised extra .25 per hour for team trainee and didn't get itLow hours low pay"

Food Prep/Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"People are Horrible. Discouraging co workers . . Poor management. Very little pay. Disgrace to America. I would never work there again ever . The people there are insane.N/aN/a"

Kathie Burnett says

"Horrible and rude customer service, Luke warm food, Cajun fries not spicy. Chx tenders crunchy but tasteless. Manchester, NH"

Annie Baby says

"I just left Popeyes in Clarksville Tennessee the on fort Campbell blvd and the sold me three half done spicy chicken sandwich and when I call corporate office this operator had the nerve to tell me she would pass the message to someone else, they’re so unprofessional, also theirs lays kids in there working that’s playing around peoples food.. I advise you all not to visit that location unless you like your bird still walking yuck I’ll never go back!!"

Ferrall Burgett says

"Popeyes chicken e14 at army post rd Des Moines,Ia1/17/2021 4:30pm I refuse to go back to this S@#t hole,orders are consistently "WRONG" Personally witnessed 3 patrons complaining about wrong orders,as well as mine. This place has just gotten worse since its reopening after fire.Bye Bye Popeye-Don't Know,Don't Care ! Will now be going only to KFC Or Chick-fil-A. One more thing no other restaurant in town says that they will Round-Up if paying CASH! because of some alleged National coin shortage ? you are the only one Popeyes"

Cristal Redemske says

"This is a joke ordered two of the 6 dollar rippin chicken meals with a pop and got the ends of things not even more then 10 fries for two orders of fries so disappointed all those commercials making them look good with decent proportion is false advertising will never buy from Popeye again"

June Sheppard says

"I had the worst experience with Popeyes today! I placed an order on their website, DID NOT get what I ordered. ( I received half of what I paid for)I called and was told, I had to come to the store if I wanted it fixed and " SWEETHEART WE DONT GIVE REFUNDS"."

Steven Owens says

"This is the worst popeyes ever. Cold sandwich, red beans and rice half full, part of order left out. Terrible service. You name it. was the worst. I have tried this location 3 times in about a year, same results. I don't see how there still in business."

Sunil Patel says

"I went to this Popeyes location at 84th Denver co 80221 on New Year’s Eve and the service was very slow, but I didn’t mind that. But on top of that they charged me twice and when I tried to get this issue fixed they weren’t helpful at all and said the same thing and didn’t seem interested in helping me at all. I would give this zero stars if I could, I am highly disappointed with the customer service here. I strongly do not recommend this place to everyone."

Art Lauda says

"I placed my order using the words on the menu screen but was asked to repeat it 3 times. The chicken sandwich had more crust/coating than chicken but tasted good, There were more fries outside the envelope than in. Pic available. I tried to place a report, they ask you to fill in your info instead of pulling it from your profile, then upon pressing submit, it mandates you pull down the restaurant but there are no available stores listed. pic available Subsequently a report cannot be submitted"

Cadeidra y Watts says


Zaira Muhammad says

"Horrible food! Horrible service. Never going back."

April Ceja says

"Today as we went to get a 10 piece family pack of chicken. The person asked if we wanted spicy and when at the window we paid with $100 bill and had to wait for the manager to bring change. When they returned with the change, they said it would be 11 minutes for the spicynunless we wanted mild. Now who in the hell makes you wait 11 minutes for fast food. What irritated me the most is that he could have told me that in the beginning instead of having wait on a manager for the change of $100. I've heard alot of good things about popeyes chicken and was e cited to try it for the first time but after this experience, I'm sticking with KFC. Word of advice, if your going to sell fast food, it be good to have it ready because customers aren't going to wait 11 minutes and wonder how many customers you have lost for this same reason."

Smiley Smiley says

"Popeyes on barrett parkway is sorry as hell !! Excuse my language but i’m pissed ! Been at work all day , go get dinner from popeyes , line already long then i have to wait longer because i want my food fresh . Then when i get home my fn food not even fresh ! Ordered an 11 piece and 3 pieces of chicken was hot and fresh . The rest of the so called chicken was old as hell and all black looking ! Corporate or bad business bureau needs to close this piece of crap ass popeyes down ! Then when you try to call them the damn phone number don’t even work , so u. just stuck with old ass chicken for you and yo family ! I haven’t been there in over 3 months because of the same crap and now i revisit and they still don’t have they self together ! Close this crap down !!!"

liza lopez says

"I don't know what Popeye's has done BUT I won't be going back. I drive past a KFC for Popeye's CRISPY chicken. What I have been having is NOT the original Popeye's. You have done yourselves and customers a GREAT disservice. Please change back to the original Popeye's and give the cost cutting crap you are currently serving to your competitors."

Lisa says

"We Ordered 2 of the 16 piece family meals. Each order comes with 8 biscuits, 5 sauces, 3 large sides, at the price of 102.32, for both meals. (To feed 10 people) What we received was hard-as-a-rock chicken, was missing one of the sides, and received only 8 sauces. (For 10 folks)The GM, when I called, was rude as hell. Since we had to wait an hour for fast food, we asked for extra sauce but was told it costs extra and we couldn’t have it. Then when we got home, not only were we missing the large side, we were also missing the sauces that came with the order, and cold, hard chicken. There is no excuse for folks who can’t count sauces and sides and rude GMs. If they had offered to give us a few extra tenders, our large side, and our sauces if we were to come back, that would’ve been one thing, though after getting old chicken after waiting an hour, it wouldn’t have been the best. But the rudeness of it all.... our usual 100.00 meals that we always order from this store.... you have lost our business. Lots of places make chicken. #rudeness #covid #tryingtohelplocals"

JMC says

"No one was more excited than me when our town opened a Popeye’s five minutes from my home. With Covid, only drive through is open and I get that. What I don’t get are the very small pieces of chicken (we order the three piece dinners) and the chicken being extremely over done and dry on both our trips. I mean dry like I can not swallow without a drink of beverage. We order during what would be a normal lunch time between 11:00 and 2:00. There is always a line so no reason for chicken to be over cooked or left under a lamp. They need to get this right or people will go back to the competitors in town."

kate says

"The service was excellent but the prices were a bit higher than expected. Recommended."

Marvin Oliver says

"Just ordered a"spicy" 4 piece meal. Chicken was cooked well, however, the chicken had no taste. I was just a piece of fried chicken. The manager should check his pieces before he serves them to the public"

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